TARANGA is wave or vibe in sanskrit. Experience the practice of tantra's magic and learn the technology beyond it. FEEL CONNECTED.


Women Workshops

To book the next workshop check the "Events Calendar" tab. No yoga experience is required, all women are welcome! Just wear comfie clothes bring pen and paper and an open heart.

"Any of these workshops will go beyond your expectations! " Rachel, UK

Women have never been so educated and in charge of their destiny but still struggle to feel and enjoy their femininity. These powerful one day workshops offer tantric and taoist teachings with a down to earth approach to address women main issues in everyday life about femininity and power, intimacy, sexuality and self-love. Experience, embody and enjoy the aliveness of your sensual feminine self.

The one day transformative workshops

These 3 workshops have a different content in term of teachings and practices. 


What you can expect :
- Learn the tantra framework for feminine empowerment
- Gain more self confidence and self love
- Understand how feminine and masculine energies work
- Clarify how the way you relate to the feminine  energy and the masculine energy influences your relationships
- Feminine embodiement practices
- Let go of overdoing and depletion for more creativity and aliveness


What you can expect:
- Understand what is sexual tantra
- Discover the relationship between chakra system  and sexuality
- Go over blockages to enjoy your erotic potential fully
- Learn some techniques to experience your orgasmic potential
- Increase your pleasure and your partner's during lovemaking
- Bring more love , connection and spirituality to your relationships

These teachings are of the highest integrity, heart based, with no explicit presentation or nudity whatsoever.


What you can expect:
- Access more radiance and restore your inner ppuurrrhhhhh...
- Learn simple tantric and taoists practices for nourishment and sensual rejuvenation
- Unlock your negative core beliefs
- Deepen your relationship with the feminine energy and use its magnetism
- Find your power center when it comes to relate to others

The 3 days immersion 

This 3 day immersion is offering a totally new content compare to the one day workshops. Even if you have attended all of them, the only repetition will be a 30 min sequence about the jade egg technique (taught in Femininity and Tantric Sexuality workshop).


Unleash your wild woman” is a course like no other. These 3 days are intentionally designed for you to go through a process to reach your untamed self. You will feel feminine, confident and sexually empowered.

You will joyfully explore your potential through different portals:

-          MIND: clear what’s in the way for you to embrace your wild woman
-        HEART: find a space where even your darkness becomes a gift to your liberation
-        BODY : Bring your body to an optimal state that gives you radiance and self confidence
-       WOMB/YONI : activate the power and the magnetism of your sexual energy


- Meet your wild woman
- Reconnect with your erotic self
- Embrace the full spectrum of your emotions to build intimacy
- Breathe and move your body to release
- Practice sexual reflexology for more glow

- Break out of limiting and toxic relationships
- Use self-compassion to shut down the inner critic
- Breathe and move your body to be more receptive
- Activate your body bliss energy

- Reclaim your desires
- Cultivate creativity to reinvent yourself
- Move sexual energy and increase its magnetic power with the jade egg technique
- Participate in a closing ritual to experience the healing power of the women circle

This course will be highly practical. It blends teachings ( from tantra and tao traditions, modern psychology and science) and techniques such as interactive exercises, breathwork, emotional release, feminine embodiment practices, womb/yoni yoga, guided meditations and more…

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