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Jade egg

A Jade Egg in your mail box everywhere in the world for 45 euros only!

Your body deserves some care and pleasure, specially the most intimate parts.

The feminine jade egg practice comes from the taoist tradition. The Tao, taught in China, is very similar to the tantric tradition; Shakti the feminine/receptive/lunar aspect of energy is called yin, and Shiva the masculine/emissive/solar aspect is called yang.
The teachings say that the jade is the crystalised form of the sperm of the dragon, the most powerful creature of the Chinese mythology. Jade then represents the most "yang" form of matter. It was chosen to be the yoni egg stone as it is meant to be introduced in the most "yin" part of our physical body.
I can't recommend more this beautiful practice as it is healing and empowering for all women.
The jade egg techniques awaken or enhance our connection with our sexual and creative energy, maintain a healthy pelvic floor, support the flow of energy through our vital organs and whole body and increase sensitivity which means more dexterity and access to pleasure for you and your partner !


Each jade egg is made from the refined xiayan jade from China where the Tao comes from. It is drilled, has the perfect dimension of 44 x 31 mm. It is sent in a little sachet made of  pieces of balinese ceremony fabrics. I always bless them on the little temple on my terrace bringing in the 4 elements ; earth with the flowers, water, fire and air.

How to order:

- send me an email at sayaceline@gmail.com
- you'll receive the details about how to process the payment
- at reception of the payment the order is confirmed and you will receive your parcel within the next 3 weeks following where you are located.
- if you can't wait it's possible to receive your jade egg in one week for 55 euros.


- if you are located in Bali, we can arrange to meet, you can then purchase the jade egg for 500 000 rp only !
- if you are one of the feline ladies who attended my tantra workshops ,order your jade egg for 40 euros only !

I am ready to invite more sensuality and sexual energy into my life !

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