TARANGA is wave or vibe in sanskrit. Experience the practice of tantra's magic and learn the technology beyond it. FEEL CONNECTED.


Coaching FSWE



Are you ready to embrace the vastness of your feminine sensual self?
We have everything within to walk through life confident, truly alive, sensual and connected and yet often we don't feel that way. A coaching session will teach you how to tap into this resources, unlocking a specific area of struggle or simply expanding your connection with the Shakti, the feminine force.

Some specific female issues are rarely addressed properly by classical therapy work. For me explaining the past to understand my present was interesting but didn't bring any significant changes. Beyond what the conscious mind understands we hold on some unconscious blocks, core beliefs in our physical and energetical bodies so that the field of energy we put out there creates a reality which is not really manifesting our deepest desires.

I will guide you to understand why and how you can generate despite your will some situations where you are loosing your power and give you tools to shift to a new place aligned with your deepest truth.

A lot of themes can be covered around femininity, intimacy, sexuality, and self-love.
For example you will benefit from a private session if you are experiencing :

- feeling completely depleted
- feeling disconnected from everything , loosing this inner aliveness
- feeling disconnected from your body
- feeling powerless in the way you relate to others
- having some blocks around intimacy, sexuality
- feeling flat after orgasm / having no orgasm
- dealing with shame about your body, your femininity, your sexuality
- having some guilt or blocks around embodying the feminine, sensuality
- having a tendancy to overdo and control which makes you feel flat
- working in an environment which brings only tension and competition and doesn't allow you to soften
- feeling insecure and competitive with other women
- loosing your radiance, motivation, sense of purpose
- feeling stuck always responding to external expectations /unable to listen to your inner calling
- having the ability to appear feminine from the outside but not feeling it within
- ....

Each session is personalised and transformative, it will change your reality straight away.

Practical details:

- Duration: 1h                                                       
- Price : RP 1 000 000 in cash.
- Contact me to schedule a session
- I need an email from you 48 hours before the session explaining what you want to work on.
Do not worry if it is unclear or messy. I will feel what is needed as a priority. I really want to prepare and personalise the session that we make the best out of this hour together.
- I am driving to your place or homestay, we just a need a quiet room for one hour.

 I am having more and more requests for this work so if you are in Bali on holiday for a limited time, I recommend you book your session as soon as possible.

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